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To share and extend the pleasures and art of writing tanka, Eucalypt publishes selected articles on its web-site, but not in the printed magazine.

Tanka Articles


Tanka and Music
by  Beverley George

Tanka: 'the myriad leaves of words'
by  Beverley George

Tanka in Australia 2009: A paper for the 6th International Tanka Festival, Tokyo, Japan on October 11, 2009
by  Beverley George

Tanka is there an Australian Style?
by  Julie Thorndyke

Sensing Tanka: Perceiving Life Beyond the Ordinary
by  David Terelinck

Australian Tanka Reading, Albany, NY: 18 October 2015
by David Terelinck for Tanka Sunday

How to...

The Structure of Tanka
by Beverley George,
first published in Blithe Spirit 24 (2), 2014 pp.69-72, is available
here New Zealand Poetry Society

Tanka and the Five W's
by  Michael Dylan Welch

Amateur Ruminations on the
“5–7–5–7–7” or “s–l–s–l–l”
Rule of Tanka

by  Cathy Drinkwater Better



A Voyage into Haibun

by Beverley George
first published in Blithe Spirit 24 (3) 2014 pp. 65-71
is available here on New Zealand Poetry Society HaikuNZ


Between Us: a Tanka Online Interview with Beverley George
by  Jeanne Emrich

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